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Christian’s Community Center (CCC) is a church that believes in the Total Word of YHVH (God). It is to be a balanced ministry dedicated to bringing the believer to maturity in every aspect of their life. The ministry will not hold back on teaching the Word because some do not want to hear it.

We believe that the Word of YHVH (God) is YHVH (God)’s tool for perfecting His people. We see the sanctuary full of lighted, smiling faces, illuminated by the knowledge of the Total Word. We see victorious Christians, always overcoming by the Word, the name of (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit of YHVH (God). We will develop YHVH (God)’s people, that they will be true ambassadors of Mashiach, winning souls as a normal walk of life. We see them loving Yeshua (Jesus) and doing everything in word an deed in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) Mashiach.

CCC will be known far and wide for its dedication to the Word of YHVH (God). When one is “thirsty” for the knowledge, it will be told them “Go to Christian’s Community Center, for you can depend on one thing; that the true Word of God is taught.” We see God’s blessings upon this Ministry, because of its dedication. We see an arm of “Word” people moving out into their communities, work places, and homes, magnifying God in Yahvahshua!