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First Lady Lynette Mitchell

Lynette Mitchell was born on January 25, 1957, in Washington, D.C., the younger of two children born to Doris and Julius Wooten, Jr. During her earlier school years, Lynette attended school in the Washington Metropolitan area. In 1975, after graduating from Potomac Senior High School in Oxon Hill, Maryland, Lynette enrolled in the University of Maryland at College Park, where, in 1979, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management. After graduation, she relocated to Los Angeles to work for Hughes Aircraft Company, where she met John Mitchell. Yahvah drew both Lynette and John to Christian’s Community Center Church of Los Angeles to be saved. In 1982, both Lynette and John were invited to biblestudies and began attending on a regular basis. They were seeking to have a closer relationship with the Lord. A few months later, in January 1983, Lynette was filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized. Two days later, John was saved. In June 1983, Yahvah joined John and Lynette together in matrimony at CCC by Pastor Will T. Washington. As a new saint, Lynette began to work for Yahvah. She attended services, United Prayer and Ladies Fellowship. She became a Sunday school teacher in the Nursery Department and later joined the choir. In 1984, after her husband acknowledged Yahvah’s call to the ministry, Lynette received Minister’s Wives training under the leadership of Sister Yvonne Washington. While in training, Lynette learned a wealth of spiritual precepts from Yahvah’s word that have helped her through the years. As a minister’s wife, she has continued to teach Sunday school, sing in the choir, attend services. She has continued participation in Intercessory and United prayer, Ladies Fellowship and in various other church activities. On July 3, 1988, Minister Mitchell was ordained as a pastor and was sent to Alexandria, Virginia to start a church. A week later, Pastor and Sister Mitchell held the first Sunday service of Christian’s Community Center of Alexandria (CCCAL) in their hotel room. A few weeks later, their children Paul (2), Tiffany (10), Derrick (12), and John III (13) joined them. In October 1988, Yahvah blessed the family with a wonderful home in Mitchellville, Maryland. They converted the basement into a sanctuary and began holding services there every Sunday. As the church continued to grow, Sister Mitchell went street witnessing weekly with Pastor Mitchell in Alexandria; started Intercessory Prayer and supported church services. In February 1990, Yahvah blessed CCCAL with a place to worship in Alexandria, Virginia. Pastor Mitchell led Sunday school, Sunday Morning Service and Friday Bible Studies in a conference room at Charles Houston Recreation Center. Also, following Friday Bible Studies, the entire family attended an outside neighborhood worship service called a “sit-out,” where Pastor Mitchell preached. In 1992, Yahvah blessed Pastor Mitchell and Sister Mitchell to lease a building at 203 East Custis Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia. The task of converting an old hardware store into a church building was truly a work of the Lord. When they encountered obstacles during the conversion, Yeshua was right there to make a way out of no way. Yeshua always made a way! In September 1994, the congregation completed the conversion of CCCAL and received its Certificate of Occupancy permit from the City of Alexandria. In July 1995, the church building was dedicated to Yahvah. Saints from CCC of Los Angeles, McComb and Jackson Mississippi came to participate.In 2000, Bishop Washington, pastors and their wives and several members traveled to Israel. During their stay, Bishop Washington introduced the name of Yeshua to the pastors. Pastor Mitchell said, “If our Savior’s name is Yeshua, then Yeshua is the name that we should use.” During the Convention of 2000, Pastor Mitchell, Sister Mitchell and some of their members were baptized in the name of Yeshua. They continue to use the name of Yeshua today! In 2009 and 2011, Sister Mitchell, Pastor Mitchell, Bishop Washington, and saints from Los Angeles and McComb travelled to Liberia, Africa to be a blessing to Yahvah’s new church in Monrovia. During each visit, Sister Mitchell and Sister Perkins led a seminar for the Ladies Fellowship of CCC Monrovia. They were received with a great outpouring of love. The saints in Monrovia are on fire for Yeshua! In 2011, Pastor Mitchell was elevated by Yahvah to the office of Bishop and Sister Mitchell was elevated to a bishop’s wife. She continued to support her husband as he ministered before Yahvah to oversee twenty-one states in the Eastern Region. Also, during that time, Bishop Washington was elevated to the office of Apostle. In September 2012, Yahvah moved the church location from Alexandria, Virginia to the Colony South Hotel, in Clinton, Maryland. Yahvah said to Bishop Mitchell, “Cast your net on the other side.” Sister Mitchell, Bishop Mitchell and all the saints continue to stand in the gap and thank Yahvah for their new church building and praise Yahvah for blessing them through the years.