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Bishop, Dr. John H. Mitchell, Jr.




Bishop, Dr. John Hence Mitchell, Jr. was born on January 2, 1953 in Cottage Grove, Alabama, as the second of six children to John and Laverne Mitchell. In 1976, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics at the California State University at Dominquez Hills. After graduation, he worked for Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, California, initially as a Software Engineer, where he met Lynette Wooten. Later, he was promoted to a Section Head, Department Manager, Program Manager and a Chief Systems Engineer.

Yahvah (God) drew John and Lynette to Christian’s Community Center of Los Angeles (CCCLA) to be saved. The Word of God says, “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” In response to the witness of two of Lynette’s co-workers (Venette Collins and Paula Freeny), John and Lynette started attending Friday Bible Studies each week at CCCLA. During a bible study message, Yahvah spoke to John and said, “Follow that man, and you will be blessed, your family will be blessed, and all those around you will be blessed.” John began to follow Apostle Will T. Washington and Yahvah began to pour out His blessings. A few weeks later in January 1983, Yahvah filled Lynette with the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands in a car parked on the rooftop parking structure at Hughes Aircraft Company. Lynette was baptized in the water at the church that same night. Two days later, Apostle Washington counseled John to “ask for the Holy Spirit and it shall be given you.” At home that night, John asked Yahvah for the Holy Spirit, and Yahvah filled him with the Holy Spirit, waking him up in the middle of the night, speaking in tongues. Two days later, John was baptized in the water at the church. In June 1983, Yahvah joined John and Lynette together in marriage at CCCLA by Apostle Will T. Washington.

John began to labor for Yahvah as a lay member. He started a witnessing team, joined the intercessory prayer team, and supported the “Under My Wings” Program. In 1984, he acknowledged the calling of Yahvah to the ministry, and John and Lynette began to receive Minister and Minister’s Wives training. As a minister in training, Minister Mitchell increased his commitment and began to labor more fervently for Yahvah. He led Friday Night and Saturday Morning Prayers, the Baptismal Committee, and counselors for salvation. He became a deacon, an usher, taught New Believers classes, and assisted with Men’s Fellowship. At Hughes Aircraft Company, Minister Mitchell also taught the Word of God at a noontime bible study. Yahvah saved souls and some of the fruit of the Hughes bible study became members of CCCLA.

On July 3, 1988, Minister Mitchell was ordained as a pastor and sent to Alexandria, Virginia to start a church. A week later, Pastor Mitchell and Sister Mitchell held the first Sunday service of Christian’s Community Center of Alexandria (CCCAL) in their hotel room in Alexandria. A few weeks later, their children Paul (2), Tiffany (10), Derrick (12), and John III (13) joined them. In October of 1988, Yahvah blessed the family with a wonderful 6-bedroom house and moved the family and the church to Mitchellville, Maryland. The family converted the basement into a sanctuary and began holding services there every Sunday morning. During the first month, Yahvah blessed CCCAL with the first fruit of the ministry. Yahvah filled Beatrice Braxton with the Holy Spirit. She was baptized in the water in a bathtub in the basement. The following week, she brought her husband and daughter to the service and Yahvah saved them. They became the first members of CCCAL from the local community.

In February 1990, Yahvah moved the church to Alexandria, Virginia. Pastor Mitchell conducted Sunday Morning Worship service and Friday Bible Study in a conference room at the Charles Houston Recreation Center. Pastor Mitchell became an active member of the Alexandria community. He became a member of the board of directors at Charles Houston Center and a member of the Alexandria Residency Council. At the request of Alexandria Councilman Bill Cleveland, Pastor Mitchell preached each Friday night at an outside neighborhood gathering on Alfred Street near the Charles Houston Recreation Center. The purpose of the gathering was to drive away drug activity in the neighborhood. Drug dealers and drug addicts do not like to be close to a place where people teach and listen to the Word of God. Yahvah drove away the drug activities!

In 1992, Apostle Washington told Pastor Mitchell to be open to Yahvah giving CCCAL a building. A few days later, while driving around Alexandria with Sister Mitchell, Yahvah led Pastor and Sister Mitchell to a building. Yahvah blessed CCCAL to lease the building at 203 East Custis Avenue. The congregation began the challenging task of converting an old hardware store into a church building, but Yahvah always made a way!

On Watch Night December 31, 1992, the congregation held the first service in their new building. Work on the building continued from January 1993 to September 1994. In September 1994, the congregation completed the conversion and CCCAL received its Certificate of Occupancy permit from the city of Alexandria. Praise Yahvah! In July 1995, Apostle Washington dedicated the church building to Yahvah. Saints from CCC in Los Angeles, McComb, and Jackson Mississippi came to participate.

In 2000, Pastor Mitchell, Apostle Washington, and other CCC Pastors, along with their wives, traveled to Israel. During their stay, Apostle Washington introduced the name of Yeshua to the pastors and asked them what they thought our organization should do? Pastor Mitchell said, “If our Savior’s name is Yeshua then Yeshua is the name we should use.” When Pastor Mitchell returned from the trip, he began to use and teach about the name Yeshua. During the CCC Convention in 2000, Pastor Mitchell, Sister Mitchell, and some members of the Alexandria congregation were baptized into the name of Yeshua, and all CCC churches formally converted to the name of Yeshua. Since that convention, whatever we do in word or deed, we do all in the name of Yeshua. During the 2004 Convention, Minister Jesse Stanley (CCCAL) was ordained as the first Evangelist in the CCC organization. After the CCC Convention in 2004, Pastor Mitchell began teaching biblical Hebrew, and placed a greater emphasis on obtaining knowledge of the Hebrew language and names.

During the Pastor’s and Minister’s Conference of 2010, Apostle Washington was moved by Yahvah to establish the Christian’s Community Center Churches International organization. He recognized the great work that Pastor Mitchell had done over the years, both in building the church as well as laboring in the Word of Yahvah. Apostle Washington elevated Pastor Mitchell to Pastor Dr. John Mitchell, and made him Pakad for the Eastern Division of CCC Churches International. Yahvah was not through with Pastor Dr. Mitchell. During the Apostolic Convocation in 2012, Pastor Dr. Mitchell became Bishop Dr. Mitchell.

Bishop Mitchell believed that Yahvah was leading CCCAL to save souls in Maryland. He believed that Yahvah would bless the saints with a new church, but a more glorious one. In September 2012, CCCAL relocated to Clinton, Maryland and began holding services at the Colony South Hotel on Suratts Road. Bishop Mitchell also had a vision of a new church building, which would meet the needs of the people and began preparing the church to build a new building for Yahvah. “The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former, saith Yahvah of hosts; and in this place will I give peace, saith Yahvah of hosts.”

Even with all of Bishop Mitchell’s accomplishments and accolades, he is simply a man who has devoted his entire life to following Yahvah. We have all been privileged to share and witness such a great man of honor, integrity, truth, and faithfulness and to have him as our own Bishop John H. Mitchell Jr.